running along

added a running cycle and also a transition between running and walking. here:

long time no see

Ok, so this blog got a little quiet in the last weeks. there are good reasons for it, though. The first is the PotatoFoolsDay ARG made by Valve, and the other reason is Portal 2. With both finished, I now have time again! I’m just waiting for harder challenges as DLC for Portal 2.

So, today I made my Tron Character walk. Maybe I’ll teach him how to run, jump and stuff.

nothing to say

well, i really got nothing to say lately. but i wanted to make a low-poly character as practise, so this is what i got:

it’s a ninja i’m drawing since school. the modeling is done as far as i’m concerned, so the textures are the new thing i’m working on.

in other news: the potatofoolsday arg is amazing. i wish i had the time to participate! infos about that here and here


Just a particle test today after watching a tutorial on thinking particles in cinema 4D. Oh cinema 4D, why cant I play with your particles? Maybe Blender will have a more advanced particle system one day, but until then… let’s dream. It’s also interesting how long particles need to render, especially when they emit light. I also added a light glow with composition nodes and failed on adding a lens blur effect. I think I know where the problem is/was, I will investigate!