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More DF

So I’m starting to like the idea of starting a new fortress more and more. Not, that I would love to seemy caught minotaur tear defensless goblins to shreds, but I also love the idea of building a sand/glass castle for my dwarf in a deserty environment. And I actually might start a new game this evening. And I hope, that I can somehow establish a DF diary in this blog, so that I have something to write about and to preserve the events, that might occur.

So, until then, farewell… I’ll be back (terminator voice) :D

Some Dwarf Fortress Post

So… Dwarf Fortress… It’s a nice game and very addicting. There is so much to control. I like it.

So far I’ve lost two forts. Both times due to digging too deep and poking a hole into hell. But I’m not really ready yet to move on. I have secured a savefile of my second fort of before i breached into hell and I kind of want to go back to it, since I feel I was not yet done. Especially not, when I caught a minotaur and was so close to completing a labyrinth just for him. I also got some goblin prisoners to throw in there. I can’t give up on that, eventhough losing=fun.

When I start a new fort, I think I would like to build one in a desert area. Just for the challenge :) With that much sand, and hopefully not a too deep magma sea, I can build a castle entirely out fo glass :D

But… I wanted to write a little bit about the experiences I had with dwarf fortress so far. (And I might go back to this post to add the names of my forts).

Fort #1 (Remembering Drunkendikes)

Everything went great until the second winter. I didn’t know, that you can create rock pots or that you can actually store water in it. And with every watersource outside frozen, half of my dwarven population died of thirst. From there on, I channelled a little path from an overground sea to an underground reservoir and put a well on top of it. Problem solved and my dwarfs wouldn’t die of thirst again.

But this was not the first tragedy striking my fort. The first was a raging dwarf. It happened very early in forts contruction, where a certain dwarf thought for himself “I will create something artifacty”. Only turns out, that I cant give him what he needs, so he snaps and starts killing his fellow dwarfs. So I dispatch my military and they take care of him. I think he was my first dead dwarf.

An other thing, I hadn’t quite figured out was the whole deal with trading. On one incident I gifted the caravan everything of value I had. Okay… learned something. On other occasions, I would accidentally piss of elves trying to sell them wood. Stupid elves! Hypocrits! At this time I’m not sure if I wasn’t even attacked by elves at one point… well, nevermind then.

But as my population would grow (I never got over 110) more goblin ambushes would occur. And a long time I just had a sporadic military, who barely held my fort safe. Hmm… this reminds me of the few goblin thiefs, who would snatch my children. I think I lost two :( Maybe legends mode knows, what happened to them.

After some month of not playing, I got around to pick up dwarf fortress again. Everything went kind of smooth and I even finished a wall around my main staircase. I even built a draw bridge to keep bad guys out. Next to the main entrance was a trap-filled path for my enemys to get slaughtered and captures. This way I could easily deal with any intruder. I have even slain a forgotten beast with one of my weapon traps. (Ok, it obviously was a weak beast). But another forgotten beast was slain by my military. It was a giant bird-like creature, who thought it was a good idea to kill my animals (which I held above ground). So my military was sent out. My Crossbow dwarf would shoot at the beast, focing it to land and my other recruits would start to kick, stab, bite… and so on.  In the end it bled to death because of a stabbing wound caused by a speardwarf. I did a little research in legends mode and apparently the beast existing since year one in my world. Also I think I should note, that all of this happend in the years of 250-258.

So by now I’m able to defend my fortress from ambuches and even sieges are quickly dealt with. Mainly goblins with some ogres… Ok now I’m mining to see what else is under my feet and to maybe find a magma sea to start forging.

And of course I found adamantine. A lot of it. Feeling the grip of greed, I start to dig. I mine every last tile of adamantine I can find. And i dig too deep. I heard of hell in dwarf fortress, and that you can break into it, but at that time I didn’t thought of this. So I was very suprised to find out, that adamantine veins are hollow deep underground. So what happened? My fort was overrun by demons. It was the definition of slaughter. Nothing that crossed the demons path survived. A few dogs fought, better than my military I might add, but ultimately lost and could only buy so little time. At first I wanted my whole dwarven population to die, but after losing all but 15 from 96 of my dwarfs I could look at it anymore. I abanded the fort, so that hopefully these few dwarf would survive and tell the story of Drunkendikes.

I searched in Legends mode and indeed, there is an entry of dwarf fleeing from drunkendikes. So hopefully they survived and will live a long life.