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The Fall of Dreamcaves

I can only guess how the fall of my fortress Dreamcaves began. It probably started with the appearance of the minotaur Cog Goryconfused, the Shady Pusses. He arrived in late automn of 141. The whole military was sent out to deal with this evil foe. They managed to kill the beast, but 3 dwarves were lost in the fight, killed by the minotaur.The inhabitants of Dreamcaves were not allowed to take a breath, for goblins attacked the Fortress. The Onslaught of Striking began! Tired and wounded from their previous fight, the dwarves managed to defend their home. In this fight, 26 dwarves lost their life. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were killed. A few remaining dwarves threw a tantrum, two went berserk and had to be killed. The administator thought, that the worst was over, but little did he know, what one tantruming child would unleash. He only got the report, that one child had destroyed a building somewhere deep down in the fort. But it was not only a simple building. The child destroyed a hatchcover to a cave, which was discovered month before.

Without this cover, the forgotten beast Zagstok Dungsyells, the Wicked Murk made could make his way into the fort. A gigantic skinless theropod with three long hanging tails and a poisonous bite, unleashed onto a thriving dwarven population. Once the intruder was spotted, the military, heavily decimated was sent out. Accompanied by their wardogs, they threw themselves on the beast. They wounded the beast as best as they could, but penetrate his muscles. The beast was unstoppable and went on a rampage.

While the beast was fighting the brave military, the fled survivors from the Onslaught of Striking attacked! These goblins killed all the farmanimals, before stepping into traps. So without a military, farmanimals and a rampaging beast unleashed from the underworld, the dwarves from Dreamcaves decided to abandon the Fortress.

So Dreamcave fell in the late winter of 141.