Diary of Bil Ghostcouncil, Day 21-24

I totally forgot to post the rest of bils adventure. I haven’t played more, so this is all I have so far.

27th of Sandstone 125
We traveled the whole day to the town Watchdwelling.

28th of Sandstone 125
After sunrise I recruited two more men and head off to kill Milo Bowpacks. A short travel later we arrived at his camp. I was a little bit worried about the number of his men, but we rushed through them. Maybe it was luck or pure skill of my men and myself, but the fight didn’t last long. My companions were injured, I hope they recover fast. We heard of more outlaws, while we spoke with the townspeople. So I guess tomorrow will be filled with a lot of justice!

29th of Sandstone 125
The outlaws we are supposed to kill are Desli Cobraentranced and Stathra Watchbeers. Both in camps not too far from Watchdwelling. I also heard, that Pebu Trimcarry wants to speak with us again. So I guess we’ll visit him too, but I’m not sure if we can get to Marbleskinny today, it’s a long trip.

Both went down quite easy, it was over in minutes, but I’m tired now. I think we will rest for today in Watchdwelling and then head to Marbleskinny next thing in the morning.

30th of Sandstone 125
Travelled the whole day to see Pebu Trimcarry and discovered a camp of bandits on our way, but we didn’t feel the need to clear it. Before speaking to Pebu, I recruited more men to help my cause and I have the feeling, that I might need them. She sends me to kill “a criminal mastermind” as she puts it; her people are “living in fear”. Well, I guess I will kill Thob Paddlegolds the dwarf ringleader then. She sais I can find him in Handconstruct a day’s travel to the south. But before I will head off, we all will get a good nights sleep. Traveling is exhausting.