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today I tried myself on some animation. I made all of it myself, even the sounds. The animation was done via shapes and layermasks inside of After Effects.

For my first animation I think it’s ok…

What i learned today: Well for the first time, I really worked with the shape-thingies in After Effects. So I learned, that they not only have a fill option, but also a stroke one. Awesome! Very useful. But I still have to figur out, how to add an outline to a shape or mask. It’s not as easy as in Photoshop.

I also redesigned this blog. It’s surprising how many shitty blogthemes has.

Form a Line

Today i watched a Videointerview over at greyscalegorilla and I wondered, if one could achieve similar results only in After Effects. I also wondered how much Cinemy 4D cost, apparently A LOT, like all grafik design tools. WHY?!

In the afore mentioned Video, there are the effects, were it seems, like there is a 3D string floating with particles on it. So i wanted to know, if I could recreate that. Well I couldn’t. I didn’t really try, but i might try again. I just messed a bit around with the Trapcode Form Plugin. And this is what i made:

Addicted to Ctrl+S

Today I wanted to translate a typography video I did 2 years ago into hd. I encountered a lot of problems, so I gave up. for now…

but I wanted to do sth typography. I picked the song addicted to bass from puretone, selected a short timespan and started working. I wish I could take as much time as needed in a day, because there are so many animations I would like to try myself on.

So, here it is:

Also a sideeffect from working too much in any program: I tried to ctrl+s my desktop after moving two files. LOL

Motion Sickness

Today I wanted to try some motion tracking. It is surprisingly hard to find a motion tracking program, that works with Blender 2.53. There is boujou, which is good, but blender needs a script to read the output file from boujou. And unfortunately I could find that. I found a script, but since I’m not familiar with blender scripting, i decided to not try that.

Then I ended up with trying out Voodoo, which is also a free program. YAY! I would love to try out SynthEyes, but I don’t want to buy a program, only to test it.

So, this is, what I did today. It had to be my desk, and of course a dirt block, since Minecraft is awesome!