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Link to ball animation: http://gph.is/2mL0Zor

LaTeX Nomenclature Stuff

(This is mostly an explanation for myself in the future).

As I was writing a report with LaTeX, I had to implement a nomenclature. But I couldn’t get it to work. A couple google searches later I found something that helps. As I’m on windows and am using TeXworks, not every solution was elegant. And I didn’t want to bother with batch files.

So just put this command line before your \documentclass:

\immediate\write18{makeindex \jobname.nlo -s nomencl.ist -o \jobname.nls}

This command will create the necessary .nls file out of the .nlo file. And no messing about with command prompts or batch files.

To implement the nomenclature add this to the preamble:


And then put the command \printnomenclature anywhere in the document, wher you want to have it.

I found it very useful to seperate my nomenclature items. To do this, read the documentation for the package. Here is a quick reference:


The package ifthen is required. You can use it to check the <prefix> of your nomenclature entries to sort them. It checks the prefix to the specified letter in the \ifthenelse line. After that you can add whatever you want as a group header. In the documentation \item[\textbf{STUFF}] is recommended, but I found, that the subsubsection header was a better fit for me. With this in the preamble, you can use the command


to add to your nomenclature. Multiple compilations are still required.

With the command line\let\<NEW>\nomenclature you can rename your \nomenclature command.

Tudor textures

I was on the search for some blueprints to build papercraft tudor buildings for Dungeons & Dragons, but I couldn’t find any for free. So I took some textures from textures.com, looked at some pictures to judge the scale and put some textures together on my own. Here they are for everyone to use for free :)

They should be scaled to 2×2 inches. the roof triangles to 3x3x3 inches. Use the ones you like and arrange them in photoshop or any other image program of your choice to build your own house.

The last image is a DIN A4 scaled image to build a 3×4 house. just print it on paper, glue it on cardboard and you can get something like this: (though this was just a testbuild 2×6 with a 3×6 roof)


Some LaTeX reminders for myself

THIS ENTRY ABOUT NOMENCLATURE IS OBSOLETE check here: https://tastypudding.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/latex-nomenclature-stuff/

So this is just a reminder for myself in case I stumble upon these problems again, and it’s in german.

Nomenklatur in LaTeX:


\newcommand\nomunit[1]{\def\nomentryend{\dotfill #1}}
% Nomenklatur Gruppen
\item[\textbf{\Large Lateinische Formelzeichen}]%
\item[\textbf{\Large Griechische Formelzeichen}]%
\item[\textbf{\Large Exponenten}]%
\item[\textbf{\Large Indizes}]%
\item[\textbf{\Large Abkürzungen}]%
\item[\textbf{\Large Dimensionslose Kennzahlen}]%

Und damit die Nomenklatur auch funktioniert muss der “makeindex” befehl ausgeführt werden. Hier die Befehle für eine .bat Datei:

cd %UserProfile%/"Google Drive"/Bachelor/LaTeX
H:/LaTeX/LaTeX/MiKTeX/miktex/bin/makeindex Bachelor.nlo -s nomencl.ist -o Bachelor.nls

echo MakeIndex Fertig!

cd %UserProfile%/"Google Drive"/Bachelor/LaTeX
H:/LaTeX/LaTeX/MiKTeX/miktex/bin/makeindex Bachelor.nlo -s nomencl.ist -o Bachelor.nls

echo MakeIndex Fertig!


Setzt als Directory den oberen LaTeX Pfad in der das Dokument liegt und führt dann “makeindex” aus, welches im unteren Pfad liegt. Dies muss immer gemacht werden wenn sich die Nomenklatur ändert.

Weiterer Tipp: Beim Installieren der neuen MikTeX Version ist irgendwas kaputt. Es müssen diese Befehle per cmd ausgeführt werden damit man es richtig updaten kann:

mpm --update-db
mpm --install=miktex-vc120-bin

Achtung, in der neuen MikTeX Version funktioniert der Zeilenumbruch nicht richtig. In Version 2.9.3927 funktioniert es allerdings gut. Diese gibt es jedoch nicht mehr zum Download.


PS: WOW, the new editor is so fucking BAD!

Then you have to go to the command line, change to the miktex-directory, and hopefully you have miktex\bin in your path, as recommended. If not, add it using windows system tools.

Then you have to run the commands:
   mpm --update-db
   mpm --install=miktex-vc120-bin

No you should be able to start the package manager GUI from the icon-tray menu.

When I looked at the list of miktex packages, I realised that the following packages was not installed,

I installed them from the package manager, and then I could run a successful update of my miktex system.